Join Me in a Cup of Tea…

thumb_img_2065_1024Good afternoon everyone! It’s afternoon to some of us at least…

This evening Kyle and I decided to spend some time in the back yard. This week has been little busy since love bug and hubby both are sick. I didn’t get time to step outside and get some fresh air although I was waiting for that.

It was a beautiful afternoon, so I put the kettle on and grabbed a cup of tea, my camera, and few things and headed out to sit and sip and enjoy… Continue reading

Just a Few Spoons Full of Joy

thumb_img_1935-2_1024-2I would really like  to thank those of you who wrote  comments on my last post about the apple picking day. I was very happy to read them and reply back to them. I felt more connected and closer to you, so “Thank you so much” for taking time to read my blog. I really do appreciate it.

Few of you even had suggestions for apples, so Just thought I’d show you some of the things that I enjoyed with apples this week.
Please don’t expect much…. Continue reading

Turkey Sloppy Joes and Something Happy…

thumb_FullSizeRender 14_1024I had a good week so far. I spent most of the time doing nothing with my love bug and Kyle. Well, I cooked,cleaned the house, and did usual things but I did save extra time to spend with the two. I  also spent some time to catch up with my favorite cooking shows because I always wakeup  thinking about food. I love good food. Who doesn’t? Every week I try to make something special to make the day little extra special. Mostly it’s going to be dinner since everybody gather around the table at night. Today I made sloppy joes for dinner. I thought I should share the recipe with you. 

before I do that though I want to show you what made me so happy this week. Continue reading