50 Random Things About Me…


I’ve asked through my social media if you like to hear some random facts about me. Many of you liked, so today I sat on my couch with my laptop, and started to think backward to find some random things about me. I am so glad that  I am doing this because it’s really interesting to find yourself even to your own self that you never noticed they are exist. I personally love reading this kind of tags and getting to know other people’s personalities. It really helps in so many ways to understand the other person a lot better.  So here we go.I found some random stuff that I’ve been keeping to  my self all this time . Enjoy the little girl who lives inside of me.

  1. I am addicted to tea – tea is my solution when I am sad, happy, or any thing going through my mind or body. Sipping a cup or two makes me happier.
  2. I’ve always been short for my age but I never thought it’s a bad thing unless I can’t reach to something when nobody is around.
  3. I have one of the best husbands, one of the adorable 19 month old babies, and one of the cutest dogs in the world. They are my everything.
  4. I can never drink plain milk. It has to be mix with either coffee or chocolate flavor.
  5. My all time favorite movie is “pride and prejudice”. I can watch it every day but still feel like watching for the first time each time I watch it.
  6. My dad had a cancer when I was 19 years young. Most of my days I spent in the cancer hospital visiting my dad three times a day, and I used to carry gifts to little boys  who were in the same hospital room with my dad. They became my friends.
  7. All the little friends I used to know in the cancer hospital had made me cry when they said good-bye to their lives. I still have moments when I think about them. I can never get rid of it.
  8. I don’t smoke. Never had in my life and never will.
  9. Cooking makes me so happy but my kitchen has to be clean and organized first before I start cooking. I cannot  do anything  in a messy kitchen.
  10. I used to know five languages but now I can speak only three languages.
  11. I did Japanese language for my degree. I’ve passed international Japanese exams too but now I have no use of it even though I love the language, culture, and everything about Japan.
  12. I am allergic to pollen but I never care about it until I get  terribly sick.
  13. I used to be very shy. I had a time that I never talked to anybody. Not even with my cousins.
  14. There was a family gathering in my grandma’s house. She served ice-cream to everybody but me(I was 10 years old). I was too shy to ask. my embarrassment turned into a cry.That’s the time everybody noticed. I never ate ice cream after that until I get married.
  15. I have a big sister. When we were young she gave me a boiled egg. I was little surprised by her sudden niceness but I trusted her and ate it. Then she smiled and said “It was in the backyard, I just wanted to test if it is a snake’s egg”( luckily it was a duck egg, and it was more delicious than chicken eggs).
  16. I love music. Music is my escape for everything I feel. A cup of tea and a little music makes me forget everything.
  17. I hate to stay doing nothing. I can never sit somewhere and relax. I just want to work all the time.
  18. Right after I graduated from the university, I got my first job as a Japanese teacher in a private institution. I had a very difficult time teaching since all the students were young  and older boys than me. They just being boys, You know…  After a week I gave up on that job.
  19. I never ever watch horror movies.
  20. I love cake decorating, jewelry making, sewing, embroidery and crafting. I wish I had a power to learn all the things I love in a short time like with in  five minutes.
  21. When I was in high school, a boy asked me a date, and I had so much pressure from my friend forcing me to say “ok”, so I ended up nodding my head. He ended up coming to see me but I never talk to him a single word but I remember everything he said.
  22. I’ve never lived without a pet in our home. We had dogs all the time but I’ve been loving cats so much lately.
  23. We used to have wooded area close to our house, and I used to rescue rabbits from snakes at least once a week. Saved bunnies ended up being my pets until they get better to run back to woods.
  24. My dad made a huge cage to one of my favorite bunnies I saved. One day four in the morning, I woke up to some noises and realized dogs have eaten the bunny. I ended up crying four straight hours sitting outside next to the cage.
  25. I don’t like bullies or liars. when I say bullies,  people who see bulling but don’t do anything about it when they can. I consider them also as bullies.
  26. I had imaginary friends when I was a kid. I used to talk to them when I go to bathroom. Sometimes I go to bathroom not because I needed but to talk to them. I thought it’s a must to talk to them at least once a day.:)
  27. I was allergic to poke. Once I ate poke for the first time when I was in fifth grade. I almost died from the allergic reaction. After that, my parents never let me to eat poke but after I married my husband let me eat  poke and  bacon. No reaction at all so far.
  28. I used to get fainted when I see or go near butcher shops. It’s not happening anymore but I don’t like go near them.
  29. I love wearing dresses all the time if I could.
  30. I don’t like growing my finger nails long but I love seeing others having them with pretty nail polish on them.
  31. my mom went to hospital having labor pain on December 31st but I ended up coming to this world ten minutes after mid night on January 1st , so my birthday is officially January 2nd even though I would love to think it’s January 1st.
  32. I don’t have a favorite food. I love shrimp though.
  33. I have few friends. I love having little circle of friends who have good and honest hearts.
  34. I still love stuffed animals and dolls. I want to have room full of  dolls, and I have few which I am very happy about. ( Don’t judge me.)
  35. I am currently obsessed with pink color. Anything with pink, I would love to own them.
  36. I am crazy about shabby chic vintage stuff. One day I want to have a cute house with shabby chic everything in there.
  37. My mother believes if I saw a dream they are signs of something that is going to happen in real life. Even though I laugh at it, sometimes I feel like there is little truth to it.
  38. I fell in love with Emily Bronte’s “Wuthering Heights” book when I was in high school. Ever since I wanted to find  somebody who loves me like Heathcliff and a happy ending.
  39. I don’t think anybody would believe this but I saw my husband in my dreams when I was sixteen. Those dreams continue to have time to time until I find him. There is no way I have seen him before because he lived in a different country but that was exactly him I saw in my dreams.
  40. I’ve been craving to a big  pink stuffed bunny lately.
  41. When I got married to my husband, I had no experience on cooking at all. I brought a recipe book with me which I hardly used but my husband loved the stuff I cooked. That made me to believe in myself. (I have no idea how I managed to cook with no knowledge about it.:)
  42. I had crooked teeth when I was younger. My sister and cousins used to make fun of me. Thanks to my lovely husband I got to fix them. Now I can give my biggest smile for them. yeyyyy!!!
  43. I spent all my money on dolls and buying gifts for my cousin’s children when I got my first job salary.
  44. I love to watch  movies at home more than going to a movie theater. My favorite part is eating popcorn .
  45. Most people know me as a very silent person but only very few  know that I’m not. My husband can never watch TV without pausing. I am that much annoying. Sometimes. I mean almost all the time.
  46. A snake bit me when I was twelve. I accidentally put my finger in his mouth when the snake was hiding somewhere safer for him. 🙂
  47. I loved having conversations with myself when I was little. I still do. I love the fact that I can talk anything I want and nobody can hear it. Most of the conversations related to things that never happened in my life but the things that I wish to happen.
  48. I’ve been taking baths with warm water for six years now. I’ve Never used cold water for six years not even to wash my face or hands.
  49. Lately I’ve been eating nuts and sweets a lot. It has come to the point that I can skip one or two meals a day but I cannot go without nuts or sweets for more than an hour.
  50. I am very thankful for all the good people and the things I have in my life. My only regret is not being able to have my dad in my life, and give him the opportunity to see his grand kids since that was his dream.

I hope you get to know little bit more about me after reading this. It’s always good to go back to yourself and remind all the things that makes you who you are today. Sometimes You learn a lot by them too.

Share with me five random facts about you down below. I would love to read them.

Did you find anything that you can relate to me ? Or do you have any questions about any of the things you read about me? Feel free to ask.  I am happy to answer to anything…

Have a lovely weekend friends!



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  1. Omg! Great piece! The number 50 scared me; but once I started I couldn’t stop reading. Love it!

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