About Me

Hi there, Welcome you with a warm hug! My name is Chaza. I am a stay home mom who makes myself rich by doing things I love, going somewhere I never been, and letting go what makes me unhappy.  If I crave to do something, I go crazy until I try it for myself whether it’s a failure or success. Cooking, decorating cakes, craftwork, stump work, sewing, beadwork, are few of my favorite things. Music is my escape for everything. Every feeling I get regardless of sad or happy, I turn up the volume and let the music to take over my soul. I am not a pro for anything I do but I have a passion behind everything I do. Most importantly my passion is my paycheck… I have blessed with a supportive, loving husband, a very adorable son and the cutest dog in the world, which I am very grateful.  As return, all I want to do is love them over and over and over for the rest of my life. Our family’s strength is all the love we have for each other no matter how hard or easy life throw us.  I love sharing bits and pieces from my life with the world hoping somebody will get some kind of inspiration, comfort, happiness, relief, or anything positive. You will meet me as a wife, mommy, cook, cake decorator, jewelry maker, traveler, crafter, and who knows what else…. You know sometimes you find some of the strengths and capabilities you have along the journey.   So, I hope you will join with me here in “hugs homemade “where we can share our dreams, happy things, and warm company. We can have happy long talks while relaxing on the couch with a nice cup of coffee.  I promise. This is a new journey to me, trying to figure out slowly but so excited to meet you and have last long friendships. Love, Chaza.