The Best Friend Who Never Says a Word.

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Meet Kyle

Kyle is our first fur baby.
As I mentioned in my previous post, I never grew up without having pets in my house. After I married and moved to my husband’s, I missed my dogs so badly. After looking a puppy for some time, finally I found him. We drove so far away to bring this gorgeous soul to our  home…

Out of eight puppies Kyle was extra friendly with us when we first met him. After sometime, he ran to house owner’s front door,  turn back and looked into our eyes.That was so cute. He stole our hearts and came home with us.
Isn’t he adorable…
He hates to stay away from us even at night when we go to bed. His innocent eyes melted our hearts,
So he ended up sharing bed with us from the first day we brought him home . Until today he shares the bed with us which we totally fine with. If he is part of the family why not let him be part of every thing…
Just look at that cute face…
 He loves his little blue ball so much.If he can’t find the ball, his little heart breaks so much which you can clearly see from his disappointed face. He doesn’t even eat. So we all end up looking for his ball all over while he is sitting and supervising us. (He doesn’t even bother to search for it )  Lol.
He loves his little brother so  much and very gentle with him. If his brother cries, it hurts him so much. He cries together with him.  Such a good and caring heart. He is very friendly with anybody he meets too.
Kyle hangout with us all day long but he does not move by the window until his dad comes home. He loves his Daddy so much.
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His little brother is growing super fast. I wonder how that going to work for each other.
They are best buddies. Sometimes I find they help each other to break the
little rules when mommy is busy with cooking.
Hope their bond remain the same to each other forever.
Kyle better be the big brother, and teach his little brother how to love somebody with no expectations just like the way he does.:)
                           Do you have fur-kids ?
 Do you have moments that you  just look at them and tell them ” wow, I can’t imagine  life without you” ?
Have a Happy Weekend Friends!
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  1. He is the cutest thing! He and his little brother will have that bond that’s just indestructible.

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