Some Bunny Sweet was on it’s way…

Hopping Back to the Peter Rabbit Baby Shower…

n We were having spring showers for the past few days. How’s the weather where you live? I hope it’s not too bad, and you are enjoying it.

 As I told you in my previous post, May is one of the special months for me. Today is Tuesday May 24th. We celebrated a beautiful memory exact today two years ago because some bunny sweet was on it’s way. I got good two hours to go back and enjoy Since my sweet bunny is having a nap. memories live in the pictures,so I am sitting on the couch sipping a cup of tea  while enjoying those happy moments.

I thought you might like to see some of the pictures too.
I hope the pictures tell all, and you’ll enjoy our little memory!
When I was seven months pregnant, my husband wanted to throw me a baby shower.When he asked what type of theme I would like, I didn’t have any second thoughts on this. I love Beatrix potter stories, so it was one of my dreams to have a Peter rabbit themed party. That dream came real.  We had a Peter rabbit theme on our baby shower. After spending time together to plan the party with my husband, we had a cute little party.
Let’s hop back to the peter rabbit’s baby shower then.
Shall we?
 Once upon a time there was a sweet little bunny who was on it’s way. His daddy and mommy loved him so much before even they meet him, so they created  this little bunny a special memory to show him one day how much they loved and excited  about his arrival.
Peter rabbit baby shower invitation card.
Peter rabbit baby shower
Peter rabbit's cloths hanging in the gardenHusband did the garden decor. I helped him making peter’s shoes. Looks like peter misplace his cloths again.:)
IMG_6546Rabbits were ready to welcome all the guest bunnies.
We had the bunnies already, and they were perfect for the theme.
A little note book to write some advises, experiences, or any positive words for our little bunny to read one day.
Peter Rabbit notebook
Some decorations from the party…
Husband did a great job on the hanging decorations.
We found this cute peter rabbit cards online, and turned them to these lanterns.
peter rabbit party decor
Some other characters from Beatrix Potter stories(Jemima puddle duck and Tom kitten)
Mr. Mcgregor’s garden for the table display.
Fresh tomatoes, carrots, and herb plants( Thyme and Chives) used to decorate the table to give a Mr. Macgragor’s garden feeling.
10403067_10202321540104537_3194089941154092110_n IMG_6572
Little clay pots with  candy to hold the name tags. This cute idea Found from the internet.
Fresh Fruits and vegetables are straight from Mr. Mcgregor’s garden:)
Mr. Macgrager's garden table display
Mr. Macgrager's garden table display
fresh veggies and fruits
Some sweets for little bunnies who hopped on to the shower…
Bunny tails. ( mini mash mellows)
bunny tails
Benjamin bunny in the garden cake.
Just Chocolate cup cakes looked boring,so we put a raspberry on top to go with the theme.
I made the Basil Smoothie, and husband made the iced tea. Team work.:) If you haven’t try Basil smoothies, you must try. So yummy and  refreshing. Going to share the recipe with you  soon.
 Some carrots for the guest bunnies to say thank you for coming and sharing the happiness with us(party favors). Store bought carrot shaped favor bags filled with gold fish cheddar cookies to look like  carrots.
party favours ( carrots)
party favours ( carrots)
party favours ( carrots)Having a good time Isn’t he? He better not leave that one on it’s own. 🙂
This sweet little bunny’s mommy is going to repeat ” Now run along, and don’t get into mischief” over and over for the rest of the  life. Little bunny better get used to it, and not get into mischief. 🙂
Are you a Beatrix potter story lover?
What was your baby shower theme, or what theme you like in  your party ?
             Have a wonderful Memorial day weekend!
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  1. That’s really sweet ! Many congratulations. I really like this idea of celebrations !! Chocolate cup cakes and carrots are awesome 🙂

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