Crisp Air, Pretty leaves, and Crimson sun sets… I Found my soul!

ehazlkarhscqsehk0pww_thumb_613Last Sunday hubby, me, Kyle and the little love bug had a little road trip to country side. Hubby said that might be the last weekend that we get to see the autumn colors for the last time, so we decided to take the opportunity to drive and say good bye to the falling leaves. You know how much I love country side so do my hubby, so  we had a wonderful time driving the country roads.e1yfiwkmqkgetogacffdfa_thumb_60bIt was little cold but a light jacket was enough to keep us warm.
I thought I would take few pictures to share with you.

Hope you’ll like it!avrebkxwtnmewdpn8vgplq_thumb_610Rolling hills and country roads brought the joy to our little drive. 
qvhkywmftvi7lei0xxnkkw_thumb_61aSuch a great day!kccixq98qfaikd5mll3sa_thumb_619We drove to a pretty destination…krnxdogmrws8jzfr8bmzlw_thumb_617Lot of people don’t even know such great places exist in their area. Every time we go for a drive, we find interesting places, and just enjoy the new experience. Simple joys!ehazlkarhscqsehk0pww_thumb_613Can you see the house in the above picture?

Imagine living in that house with that beautiful view.

Love it!

I just can’t get enough of it.

On the way back, we decided to spend the evening watching sunset in the beautiful park where we always go for cycling in summer. It’s like our backyard. Not so far from our house, so we dropped the Kyle home, and headed to the park. 6jsolfjfr5cpjdvriuna2q_thumb_60cWe didn’t want to take Kyle to the park since he wasn’t feeling good. He was already tired from the country drive. We didn’t feel like letting him to walk around the park. ( He is taking medications for  a leg infection) Poor Kyle!jujtfvwzs3ytl6gluvanq_thumb_61eIf the weather is right, this is a real treat…jnu8am4r5m6gblyduep8a_thumb_61fjeryxm9r3qsanzxdxqfgg_thumb_620The best part of the treat was sit back by the lake and having cute little muffins with hot ginger tea. Ginger makes the tea and the evening extra special.Have you tried adding  fresh chopped ginger in to the tea. Try it.

So good!

Sorry I couldn’t take a picture. I was too busy enjoying the tea and feeding the little love bug.trrdl3htvip1m5kqugoua_thumb_5fbkrwfx8krrio2ershwld1a_thumb_5e5Sit back and enjoy the sun set always a special event for me. Even though the sun goes down every single day and we have seen it in our entire life, it looks more intriguing every time you watch it.

isn’t it?unadjustednonraw_thumb_621Imagine you sit here and watch the sun slowly going down…xycleuihtwkhp4rhnhzyfa_thumb_5f8
unadjustednonraw_thumb_622your face towards the sunshine and everything looks like painted in gold.
xleiymkmsx2edhgtr2jc3g_thumb_601How beautiful it is to lost in the setting sun shine…

and,unadjustednonraw_thumb_5e6let all the negative, sad things go as the sun goes down…jwxpljvitxk323yuicic4a_thumb_5f3Yes!

Such a relief:)qcepc1w5rputxkk2fopeyq_thumb_5f9We followed the sunset along this little road. Love bug sang along as he walked, and we joined with him. Nothing made us happier than that.xddlopdstiemvjyxubbkw_thumb_5eaPerfection.

Few  more pretty pictures…




ilmfktj6qsuvygdylyag_thumb_5e2We had a great time.qu8mdnmatroltpplx5zqq_thumb_5df

6ptkmjjosgk4a0slzhi7gq_thumb_5e8 4zbzhdaqt6hnbgziajqsq_thumb_5ed0zy5uv4gtjec3susmqk9a_thumb_5ffIt was getting dark and we headed back home to watch a movie before put our souls to rest for the day.v9gfvzlwte6wjz3c7uhq_thumb_614o74kchdoqydtr8b4jqow_thumb_624How about you? What did you do last weekend or what are your plans for this weekend?
I hope the pictures made you happy, and maybe think about having a little road trip over the weekend or just sit on the porch with a hot drink and watch the sun set:)

Have  a wonderful weekend!
Have fun decorating/ preparing for thanksgiving!

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42 Comments on “Crisp Air, Pretty leaves, and Crimson sun sets… I Found my soul!

  1. I love nature photography and exploring parks in my area. I live in Michigan and the Fall colors here are beautiful. My family and I went out a couple of weeks ago to explore and photograph the Fall nature. I’m so glad we did because now the trees are almost bare. Really good that you got to experience the nature! I would love to live in the house you mentioned; the view looks amazing. I bet it is beautiful if/when it snows!

    1. Aww I am glad to meet you Jennifer. I’ve never been to Michigan but I bet it’s beautiful there. I am sure you had a great time with your family. I know that house looks amazing with the view:) Yeah, it looks magical when it’s snows. Thank you so much dear!

    1. Nothing is better than seen the actual play from your eyes. It’s totally a different experience when you are in that moment. The air, colors, sounds, feelings are altogether makes the moment so special. I agree with you! Thank you so much dear for taking time to read the post:)

  2. Gorgeous colors! Fall leaves are so beautiful. We lived out east for 11 years and saw many of them… but I am SO happy to be back in Sunny Southern California without the colors! LOL!

  3. Such beautiful pictures! We don’t get much fall colors where I live in Southern California, and that’s one of the things I miss the most.

    1. Thank you Ritika! We went there over the weekend and it’s really close to where we live. we always find great places around our area. I bet you can find great places around your area if you search little bit more. it’s great to take a little break time to time:)

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