Cute Little Beaded Dragonfly Tutorial


This cute little dragon fly pendant idea came to my mind while I was hanging out with my little son in the backyard. He was so excited seeing a huge dragon fly, and chased after to touch him. That dragonfly leads me to make a beaded one. I love wearing cute animal pendants, and perfect for a summer outfit too, so I am sharing a little tutorial to show you how to make this cute and easy dragonfly. This can use as a pendant, ornament, gift idea to a friend, or even as a decoration. Enjoy!

You will need

Beads (small beads and two medium size beads)
Bead Wire
Wire cutter


1. Choose small beads for wings and body, two medium size beads for eyes. ( you can choose any color and sizes of the beads as you like)keep beads separately to make it easier to grab as you add beads to wire.


2. Cut the wire to the the length you need (wire length varies according to the size you need), and add small bead in the middle and bigger two beads to both sides to look like eyes of the dragonfly.20160519_190359781_iOS


3. Add three small beads to one side of the wire, and then take the other end of the wire and go through the same three beads to make the head part of the dragonfly.20160519_190614791_iOS2adb50b3-df2b-4978-8638-88597283210920160519_183247635_iOS

4. Make two more rows of beads same way but keep adding one more as you go ( second row four beads and third row five beads).



5. Add different color smaller beads to one side of the wire to make the wings. You can adjust the wing size by adding more or less beads. I’ve added twenty six beads to one wing.20160519_192057976_iOS

6. Then take the end of the wire and go through the very first bead you added to make the wing.20160519_192129717_iOS

7. Do the same steps to the other side of the wire too to make the other wing.20160519_193015356_iOS


8. Again add four more small beads that you used to make the body head part.20160519_192800627_iOS

9. Add another two wings by adding same color beads and using same steps.20160519_192947712_iOS20160519_193341559_iOS

10. Add same color four beads you used to make head of the dragon fly. ( once add beads to one side, make sure those beads go through the other end of   the wire to get the body of the dragonfly to the middle and straight.)20160519_193341559_iOS

11. Add only three beads to next row  and next row go with only two beads and continue with two beads until you get to the length you need your dragon fly to be. I liked mine to be pretty lengthy.;)20160519_194106408_iOS20160519_194501754_iOS20160519_195234217_iOS

12. Once you you done, take a same color bead and finish it off by adding to the bead to one side of the wire and letting the other wire to go through with it.Make sure to put at least four tight knots after.20160519_195315475_iOS

There you have a cute little dragonfly:)20160519_195558366_iOS20160519_195536968_iOS

You can make several dragonflies like this with different sizes and colors, and hang them in kids bed room or crib. Kids will love it. Have fun with it.  If you make one, don’t forget to tweet me a picture 

Do you love jewelries with animal figures?
Did  you have a childhood that you got to chase the butterflies, dragonflies, and all the little flying things?

Have a Happy Weekend !


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10 Comments on “Cute Little Beaded Dragonfly Tutorial

  1. So cute! I used to have an online vintage clothing shop called Dragonfly Vintage and someone that is very dear to me made me a beaded dragonfly many years ago…I still keep it hanging near my desk.

    1. I love anything vintage. Aww that is so sweet of someone to give you such cute gift. I am that person too if somebody give me something I keep there somewhere I always can see even the wrapping paper…LOL

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