Firsts Only Come Once; “Three Little Pigs” Theme Birthday Party

IMG_0193 (1)I’ve been little bit busy this week because somebody is soon to be 2. It’s that wonderful time of the year he became the sun shine in our days, the joy in our soul, and the happiness of our life. I am so excited to celebrate our son’s birthday 1 st week of next month.

while I was busy with the birthday planning this morning,  I ended up on my sofa with my laptop looking at this beautiful piece of history we added to his life last year.  I thought you won’t mind enjoying some too, so sit back and enjoy some of the pictures from  the first birthday party.

12036981_10205201550623000_1083582363962474829_nI always wanted to be that mom who reads stories to my kids, and let them lost in those fairy tales. Even though the little love bug was so little, I started to read him when he turned one month.He loved it. When he was 6 months old, he fell in love with the book” The Three Little Pigs”. The big bad wolf’s ” I will huff, and I will puff, and I will blow your house in…”part was his favorite.  when he was 10 months, he even knew how to say huff and puff ( not properly but he did it), so we thought that was the perfect theme for his first birthday party.  Firsts come only once, so I got inspired through internet to plan  a “Three Little Pigs” birthday party  for our little love bug to hold on to one day.

So, follow me…

Where the only once here

are you and me…

2015-08-09 16.17.46

If you know the story, you know the story behind this decoration.  If you didn’t know,  Three little pigs used hey, twigs, and bricks to make their houses, so we decorated the home front with some of the hey, twigs, and bricks..

2015-08-09 16.19.35

Found Some three little pigs stickers , and it was my sweet husband’s idea to decorate the clock with the stickers this way. What a great idea.2015-08-09 09.04.48

Some piggy noses for little friends.

and few decorations…

2015-08-09 03.15.42

I couldn’t find a garland to go with the theme, so I bought this garland. Then I added wiggle eyes and  piggy noses to look like piggy faces. That worked…


can you see the three little pigs houses in the first picture. We decorated houses to look like a hey house, twig house ( made out of prestle sticks), and brick house.

I still have the Twig house. I thought I would save it for love bug. When he gets little bit older, he might enjoy it.


We thought this cute hanger goes well with the theme. “Happy birthday “banner hung on top of it, and there are some gifts for guest piglets to say “Thank you” for coming.

2015-08-09 09.08.31

Party favors…

Paper bags turned into this cute bags, just like three little pigs’  bags that they carried out when they left their house.

2015-08-09 09.08.31

I cut the letters out of construction paper, and made this garland because it  was his favorite. still it is…

Party wasn’t a success without his favorite part of the story. Isn’t it?

first 2 rows has to be changed. Didn’t realize it until day after the party.:)

2015-08-09 09.07.40

Few snacks from the table…



I used the little clay pots (filled with brick shape candy ) to hold the name tags. Then put the cute pigs on top of the name tag to make it cuter and more related to the theme. I thought they are so cute.



Some twigs… (Prestige sticks)


2015-08-09 03.20.16

Piggy fruit tray…

This makes me laugh… I don’t remember why I put  two sizes for eyes:))

Hubby helped me to cut the shape and decorate the melon to look like a pig.

2015-08-09 12.08.40

2015-08-09 12.08.37

First birthday is all about the smash cake…


Since I predicted he is going to make everybody laugh flipping the whole cake to the ground which he did:))

2015-08-09 13.00.36


I had another one made for him…

2015-08-09 13.01.36

“piggies in the pool” cake…

he had so much fun with it.

Who doesn’t  like to have fun with a chocolate pool;)

2015-08-09 03.34.24

Little piglet had another surprise, well he was too young to understand it but one day I hope he will realize the love and thoughts both his mom and dad had put to show their happiness and gratitude to have him in their life.

His favorite story in his birthday cake…


The three little pigs with their houses, and the big bad wolf on the chimney…

IMG_0173The pig who made his house with hey.


The pig who made his house with twigs.


And the pig who made the house with bricks.


Big bad wolf on the chimney of the brick house…


I made them a month before his birthday, and stored them in a dark place to protect them from cracking. Hubby helped me too to put everything together.

When you have a positive husband and when you put so much love and care to something, anything is possible. That’s is the secret  behind this cake which I am very pleased with.

2015-08-09 13.49.24

Little piglet huff and puff  and blew his first candle out…

A one little dream came true to a cute little piglet.

I hope…


That was one of the sweetest  memory we’ve made with him. I saved the photos again into another folder because I don’t want to lose them.

As I close the laptop a little tear ran down across my face. It’s just a happy tear for the two people who had a mission to make this day special and a happy one for their son. We did it. Not only the party, this whole journey with him, we made it  to a successful one year. Even though we had some doubts in the beginning, we found the courage with in the journey. May I just say, we are proud parents…

I hope your visit is worth the pictures and they made you happy.

I spent more than an hour looking back, now I must get back to the birthday plan and the list I was working on…

Did you enjoy our little piglet’s  birthday party ?

What theme you would like to have in your or your loved ones birthday party?

Have a wonderful weekend!





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4 Comments on “Firsts Only Come Once; “Three Little Pigs” Theme Birthday Party

  1. Love the story and your cakes turned out amazing! Such love went into this. For our little guys 4th Birthday he liked Spiderman. My husband ordered a spidey costume online and not an run of the mill one, one he could wear in Times Square and make money with. Other parents wanted to hire him out to wear it at there parties. Happy 1st Birthday.


    1. Thank you Brooke. Spider man theme sounds amazing. Sound like you had a great party too. I bet your son had so much fun with the costume hi dad got then:) Happy belated 4th birthday to your little spider man!:)

  2. This is adorable! I used to go all out for my kids birthdays too. One year we had Winnie the Pooh. Another was the Magic School Bus. Many others over the years. My grandson is 4 in a few days and I am not sure yet what to do. Last year t was Thomas the Tank Engine…this year I am kicking around Finding Nemo or Thomas again since he still loves it.

    1. Thank you so much. I love doing a Winnie the pooh birthday. Sounds like your kids had a wonderful childhood. What a great mom you are. your grand son is so lucky to have you. All the birthday themes sounds amazing. I am glad to have friends like you. I am so happy to hear your birthday themes and this time theme. Happy early birthday to your grandson!

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