Five Easy Easter Craft Ideas

Easter’s on it’s way…bunny decorations

 I’ve never had a chance to celebrate Easter, but I love that my son gets to celebrate it which means I can be part of it too.  Since he is still a toddler, I decided to pick few simple craft ideas, and let him have some fun. Any chance I get to work with him is always a happier and a bit of a messier situation but who cares we just making little memories while enjoying each other’s company. Today I am sharing the little five fun craft ideas I did for him. These are very easy, creative, and cute crafts. Most of them can do with kids of all ages from toddler to kindergarten. I hope you will like it, and get some ideas to give your little one a fun experience. Happy crafting!

Hand  embroidery bunny frame

Easter Chick craft

Embroidery bunny

 I made this cute embroidery bunny frame to give my son as a  reminder of his first Easter. Although this one is not something that you can do with a toddler,this is something that will last longer than any other gift.It’s more of a very thoughtful gift. I found this cute little bunny through online while I was looking for Easter bunny ideas. He likes ducks and  rabbits , so I thought this would be a perfect gift. I found an old picture frame to go with it. It took only fifteen minutes to hand embroider the whole picture. You do not even need to know so much if you know basic stitches. I used stem stitches, split stitches, and chain stitches to finish the work . I am going to hang this in his nursery. Isn’t it an adorable picture? I love it.

Easter bunny garland

bunny garland

Bunny garland, Easter

bunny garland, Easter
I used my bunny cookie cutter to make this adorable bunny garland . I cut few bunnies out of a cardboard and construction papers. Then glued paper bunnies to cardboard bunnies. I used little glitter dots for eyes, and twine (rope)  for mouth. simple and cute.  My Little one ended up with glue everywhere but it was fun. Kids will have lot of fun with this idea. You can let them put little whiskers, nose, a tail and anyway they like.

Bunny  with a carrot basket card

bunny and carrot basket

Easter bunny, carrot basket
I came up with this fun idea of  a bunny holding a carrot basket. I think it’s a good idea to let kids to enjoy working with different materials to expand their creative mind. First, I traced the bunny in to a cardboard, and attached the dress and the apron with pieces of clothes. Rest of the bunny just colored with color pencils. the bunny is holding a carrot which made out of colored Fenugreek seeds and a mini favor bag. you can even make actual treats for kids using orange color jelly beans or Nerds candy to go inside the basket or on the hand. Nice Easter treat idea.

carrot stamp eggs

stamping with carrot

Easter egg stamping

carrot satmping
Easter is almost here. Sometimes you’re too busy in your life that you forget to have some fun with the kids until the last minute. This is one easy way to let kids to enjoy. Go to the kitchen,  grab a carrot and let them stamp eggs out of it. Stamping is one of the best ways to keep the kids busy too. My son loves to stamp. He stamps out of everything which is so cute to watch. Cut the carrot to get the oval shape. In the inside, cut some patterns. Then dip into water colors, and let them start stamping. possibilities are endless if we let our mind to wonder.

baby food jar Easter chicks

baby food jar chicks

Easter Chicks, crafts

Easter Chick craft

Easter Chick craft
These adorable chicks are made using baby food jars . I have a habit saving all the cute jars. They are too cute to throw, So I saved them. when I thought to make little chicks, I knew these jars are the perfect for this idea. I mixed turmeric powder with water to get the yellow color for the inside.  Glued wobbly eyes for the eyes.beak and the feet are cutout of orange construction paper. Simple but much cuter isn’t it? You can even use cute plastic bottles if you concern about the safety of smaller kids. Perfect to decorate the Easter table or  any other decorations as well.


Hope you like the ideas. Love to hear any other ideas that you try your kids, or ideas that you used to do when you were a kid…

Are you excited and ready for the spring?
Happy Easter everybody!

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