I Would Rather Be in A Farm…

thumb_img_3424-1_1024And I did…

It’s finally starting to feel like fall…

Cooler nights, colorful leaves, and crisp apples, Oh my…

I love crisp mornings and cool evenings.

Such a beautiful time of the year!

Cooler weather brings lot of smells that make you feel so happy and cozy. Baking or simmering apple is one of the smells that makes me so happy.

So, last weekend we headed to a farm in the countryside  to pick some apples and  just to enjoy the day in a farm. Every year this month we go apple picking. It’s always a good time…thumb_img_1778_1024I wish I was born in a farm, I love waking up to animal sounds, walk through the fields of fruits and vegetables, and feed the barn animals. I Don’t mind working all day long in a farm.

It’s not too far and we were rewarded by a beautiful views through the country roads with some old barns…

thumb_img_3205-1_1024I thought you might enjoy seeing some pictures of the day, so follow  me to pick some apples, berries, and run through the fields:)thumb_img_1664_1024thumb_img_1673_1024It was love bug’s first time in a farm and picking his own apples. You can imagine how excited a two year old would be to hangout In a huge farm with all the fruit fields and all the animals.

We had THE BEST time ever!thumb_img_3359_1024Hope you feel like you are walking with me in this huge apple fields while eating an apple or two:)thumb_fullsizerender-4_1024


thumb_img_3268_1024I will never get tired of walking through the fields and fields of these apples.thumb_img_3292_1024

Look at all the apples…

Isn’t it feel like heaven? At least I did.thumb_img_3413_1024thumb_img_3237_1024Love bug was so excited…

All this time he saw apples in mom’s kitchen basket, and now to stand in a huge yard filled with apples…

That made him so happy. He couldn’t believe it.

I love seeing little kids get excited for sweet little reasons like this.thumb_img_3226-1_1024


We had a berry good time;)thumb_img_1726_1024thumb_img_1742_1024Look at all the pretty berries…thumb_img_1737_1024thumb_img_1703_1024thumb_img_1733_1024

picked some berries to bring home…thumb_img_1713_1024thumb_img_1732_1024

but little love bug decided to play with them, so I decided to forget about the bringing home part:)

We had a little picnic by the farm pond.

Such a pretty view with all the apple fields and berry fields.


thumb_img_1693_1024Having tea with two of your favorite people and this view…thumb_img_1692_1024Nothing is better than that.thumb_img_3439-1_1024Kids were having so much fun too…thumb_img_1688_1024Love bug Had fun feeding the animals as well…thumb_img_3442-1_1024thumb_img_3444-1_1024thumb_img_3450_1024Look up! Do you see a goat up there?

I wonder how he got there?thumb_img_1772_1024Fresh farm vegetables I got from the little farm hut, taste so good. Farm goodies are the best.thumb_img_1663_1024We headed home after spending all day in this beautiful farm, and I am looking forward to have another trip or two before the weather gets too cold.thumb_img_3420_1024Until then I am going to enjoy these delicious apples!

Love bug is already having apple sauce in his oatmeal  that I made as soon as I got home…


Me and hubby were so pleased that our little love bug had a great time.

Along the way he was talking about nothing but apples. We are going to hear ” Apple is red” million times a day from now on for at least couple of weeks.:) He is too cute!

We did stop by the store to get some treats for Kyle since he wasn’t allowed in the farm…

Later on, he had a long walk as well. That made him happy. I hope!

It’s always a good idea to go and spend the time somewhere that makes you feel so happy. This is where I feel home and happy. thumb_fullsizerender-5_1024-2I am already working on the apples we picked. Even after sharing with neighbors, we still have left a half of this basket.thumb_img_3430-1_1024All I think about now, Apple crisps, apple strudels , Apple dumplings, apple pie and many more. Just thinking about it makes me so hungry!thumb_img_1809_1024

Home is going to smell like fall in heaven…

Can’t wait to eat some Apple crisps with ice cream while burning a fall smell scented candle.


I hope the pictures made you to go apple picking, make one or two yummy apple recipes , or made you excited for pretty leaves…

If did, I am glad and enjoy!

Happy Autumn!



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52 Comments on “I Would Rather Be in A Farm…

    1. Thank you! I love fresh berries too. Sorry to hear that but you can visit during berry season. Taking the berries to costa Rica and freezing them would be a great way to keep them longer. Have a good weekend my friend!

  1. The little farm girl or boy is always a dream for growing up kids so why not. I will be a farm boy. Picking the fruits and running after the livestock was something fun. Nice photos.

  2. It just has seemed too warm here lately for a good Apple picking day. I’m crossing my fingers for one good cool and crisp New England fall day to pick. Nothing quite like a warm apple right off the branch!

  3. One of my favourite things to do in the fall, picking apples and going on hayrides! Love farm probably as much as your ‘little love bug’!

  4. We love farms, too! We don’t get to visit as often now that we live in Southern California again… but when we were in New Jersey we went all the time.

    1. I am glad to meet people who has the same interests. That is great to have different experiences in different places. You are lucky to travel around and get all those great experience. 🙂

  5. You’ll be pleased to know that this post definitely had the intended affect on me! LOL All that fresh Fall fruit looked so good and I can’t wait to really get into this next season!

  6. Wow you took a lot of amazing photos! I love picking my own fruit on a farm. It’s always so much more fun than going to a store!


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