Joy of Spring

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This has been a busy week for me.Getting the garden ready for spring blooms, trimming and cleaning my little herb garden, working on few projects for next special month for me and my husband, and all the mommy stuff I normally do. Yesterday was a nice sunny day.After my morning coffee, I headed to outside to get some fresh air and enjoy the warm sunshine with my camera. It’s so nice to be outside and observe all the preparations happening in the backyard to welcome  spring. I hope you are enjoying the spring weather and take some time to breath spring weather where ever you are…:)


Kyle is enjoying the nice warm weather and the beautiful sunshine…



Kyle was enjoying the spring and running around smelling everything ….




 Lilacs are almost ready to bloom. I can’t wait to see them with full blooms. We had this tree when we buy the house, and we bought another one last year. I love Lilacs.
 This beautiful random purple flower growing on a herb pot. Last summer same plant grew in backyard garage, and this time looks like it moved to this pot.:)
 We planted little plants of Russian sage two years back. They almost three times bigger now. They take so much space and grow faster.Blooms last longer and so pretty. They are nicely growing before flowering starts. I love when wild bees hanging around on these bushes when they flowering.
Kyle wanted to show me something, and this is what he found…
and this…
I put back the nest where it belongs.
feel sorry for the poor birds…
 He is just making sure if  mommy put the nest right in place…:)
  Hubby trimmed the roses and Russian sage plants.
Herbs are slowly popping up.
Mint is one of my favorites. I can’t wait them grow to make my favorite smoothie, and few drinks to enjoy while relaxing on the deck in  a hot summer day.
Lawn also greening up.
 I am not a big fan of Fig but this little plant gives so much of them every year. This year I am on a mission to make something out of them. ( let me know if anybody got any ideas what to do with them)
 We are not really sure what this plant is but when we moved to the house we been said this plant attracts Humming birds. Every summer we get to see Humming birds flying around and sucking honey out of the flowers.
 Lilacs again…
this is the second bloom after I bought this.
I love the color. Smell is amazing too.
So proud to have this in my yard.
  Aren’t they gorgeous…
 Little signs of spring
Daisy plants popping up…
Rabbits or mice love to eat them. Still couldn’t figure out who is responsible for the missing plants.
 I love climbing roses. My hubby kindly planted three of them for me but only one survived. Can’t wait this to climb   all the way up,all over the roof, and get lots of pretty pink roses.
I hope
I am not sure what these are called but they are ready to put up the show in no time.
Some are already flowering …
 poor Kyle wasn’t happy about the amount of time we spent outside though.
I hope you enjoyed the little walk around the backyard.
Are you already having Spring blooms ?
what is the weather where you live?
I wish you a happy warm weekend friends!
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    1. Thank you Mirissa D. Price. I am glad that you enjoyed it. Being away from Kyle is very hard thing to do.I can imagine how much you miss your little friend back home.

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