Just a Few Spoons Full of Joy

thumb_img_1935-2_1024-2I would really like  to thank those of you who wrote  comments on my last post about the apple picking day. I was very happy to read them and reply back to them. I felt more connected and closer to you, so “Thank you so much” for taking time to read my blog. I really do appreciate it.

Few of you even had suggestions for apples, so Just thought I’d show you some of the things that I enjoyed with apples this week.
Please don’t expect much….
Some of them didn’t last that long to take pictures, I was been little greedy. I have to admit it!
So, I apologize!

but I hope you enjoy the rest that I did slow down and took few snaps…

As you know from my last blog, I had plenty of apples to use up, so I had a mission to make my favorite apple recipes this week.
Apple sauce…

Apple sauce is not my favorite thing but little love bug likes to eat with oats, so I was happy to make homemade apple sauce for him. He is been enjoying it and no complains. That is a good compliment for a mom of a toddler! If you are a mom of picky eater, you hear me…
Homemade apple sauce is much better than store bought ones. Even me ended up eating apple sauce with oats…
thumb_img_1813_1024Try to make apple sauce at home specially if you have kids. It makes such a huge taste difference and doesn’t take much time. Kids will love it!
thumb_img_1819_1024I was thinking to make scones for a while now. I thought why not use apples to make cinnamon apple scones. Great breakfast idea!
thumb_img_1893-2_1024-2I made the dough night before and cut them into pieces. Then put them in the freezer. In the morning all I had to do was just oven them…
thumb_img_1901_1024Within15 to 20 minutes they were done. The smell of apple and cinnamon in the morning….
It’s just heaven!thumb_img_1896_1024I love the cozy feeling of having homemade apple scones with a good cup of tea in the morning. Ok!  you know a cup of tea is my happiness but with cinnamon apple scones in the morning with a cup full of tea….

That is more than happiness…
You can’t get the same feeling from the store bought scones though.
Apple baking smell in the oven and getting hot scones right in to your plate gives that cozy vibe,You can’t just replace to anything… Could you?
I don’t think so…
thumb_img_1911_1024 thumb_img_1904-3_1024

Even the little love bug wanted some more after having a whole one.

There comes the best proof…

and hubby was so impressed too…

They were all gone within few hours…

Nothing makes me happier than getting the feeling of “happiness is homemade”:)

thumb_img_1921_1024I decided to make couple of more but I have pictures only one of the desserts.

Oh well, I hope you Don’t mind.

So……. I’ve been dreaming of Apple crisps ever since we picked apples. Maybe even way before that. Having the main ingredient in hand made it easier to find the time to make some.
It was such an easy recipe and home smelled like fall…
Remember in my last post, I was dreaming of Apple crisps with ice cream…
If you have apple crisps, you must eat it with ice cream! That’s just my rule, and guess what?
I did have ice cream!

So I pulled out some ice cream…

It was a Caramel mix one which was even better. I put some honey too. Why not if you feel so, and enjoyed  like it was my last meal on earth;)thumb_img_1936_1024 thumb_img_1935-2_1024-2

I tell you…
It was sooooooooo  good!

You have to try exactly the same way like I did if you happen to like apple crisps…

It is just a simple apple crisps recipe but the best apple crisps I’ve ever tried so far…thumb_img_1943_1024That simple joy that you get when you have the first spoon full bite and that melt in your mouth with so many sweet flavors…

Oh Yes! happiness is also,

Not feeling guilty and just gobbling, gobbling until you feel the happiest…


I was…

I loved food little bit more than any other days this week!

My body says so too…
Good thing I have a treadmill:)thumb_img_1935-2_1024-2


Here’s another little joy  I had in a middle of one night…

I am not responsible for your  imagination above sentence;)

but this is what I meant…thumb_img_1971_1024Chalkers are back. Everybody is wearing them. That inspired me to make my own too. First I thought of buying one but then one night I wasn’t able to sleep until I own a Chalker necklace. I slowly got up and tip toed to my room, and made this. I always go with simple patterns. I think  it’s cute!
thumb_img_1969_1024and this too…thumb_img_1972_1024

thumb_img_1974_1024If I didn’t make them that night, I may ended up just rolling around the bed thinking about chalkars. Not all the strong wills goes to wrong destinations;)
thumb_img_1976_1024And I will be making chalkars every time I get some free time for a while now on… I went to sleep thanking  my mother in law for letting me have all of her beads and tools. Until then I never knew that I could make my own  juwelleries…


Now I need to get working on fall decorations and wardrobe cleaning for fall…
I hope the pictures made you hungry and your heart whispered that it’s ok to welcome the season with one or two recipes:)

What kind of recipe you want to make/enjoy with apples or what did you do to make you happy this week ?

Have fun!

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56 Comments on “Just a Few Spoons Full of Joy

  1. Even though I love baking, I have never use apples fruit to bake. I have use store bought apple sauce though when making banana muffins to substitue oil or butter. You will be surprise how moist the muffin will turn out.

    1. Use some apples to make one or two recipes. You will love it. I used apple sauce to make the scones but I haven’t used to make muffins. Great tip to make it moist. I am going to try it then. Thank you so much for the info dear!

  2. My husband would die for the Homemade Apple Sauce. I am loving the necklaces, I dabbled in beads for a while. I love handmade jewelry, you could sell them on Etsy.

    1. You should have family fun apple picking day and bring fresh apples home to make homemade apple sauce to your husband. Best way to make him happy 🙂 Aww thank you! Glad to hear you liked them. I love being able to make my own jewelry too. Good Idea about selling them on Etsy. Thank you for your kindness 🙂

  3. I love apples! And with fall almost here, there’s no better fruit to pick at your local farm and enjoy! You’ve made some great recipes here.

  4. I LOVE apples with ice cream, especially apple pie!! Soooo good! I agree, homemade applesauce is so much better. Every time I try to make scones, the shape always turns out wrong. lol

  5. So creative! I love apple everything and the only thing I have ever tried to make from scratch is a pie! With apple season here I would love to try out some of your recipes 🙂

    1. I wasn’t a big fan too but I never knew until I try them but some people like just as a fruit. You really should try homemade, you won’t regret. May you be adventurous enough to make some and enjoy! 🙂

    1. I am glad you enjoyed… I wish I could share some. That happen to me as well when I read other posts to, and I end up being kitchen making them happily :)) Thank you for visiting the blog dear! friend!

    1. That smell is one of the best smells. Sounds like you have a great mom who bakes for you… Bless her! Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I love to hear your thoughts and stories… 🙂

  6. OMGeee apple sauce??? No way I have totally forgotten about apple sauce as I’ve become an adult. How silly of me to forget a childhood favorite! I love the idea of that and think it sounds sooooooo delicious. Oooooh you’ve sent me on a trip down memory lane with that one =]

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