A Little Bit of Country…

Last Sunday was a lovely day…

Hubby, me, and little love bug had a country drive to a lavender farm. Pets were not allowed in the farm, so had to keep Kyle home. I thought I would share few pictures with you.


 I’ve been wanting to visit a lavender farm for awhile now. Finally found a one which wasn’t too far from where we live, and it was a beautiful drive through the country roads, so we jumped into the car and drive through the country roads… well my husband drove, I just enjoyed the drive.
 And I grabbed my camera and snapped few pictures…
 It was a little too Cloudy to take pictures but it didn’t not stop me taking few pictures around the farm, so enjoy the little visit while you are here. May be next year you might want to plan a trip to pick your own lavender as I did.:)
IMG_3006 (1)
 I love lavender. I tried planting  few but they didn’t last, so this visit was worth for me. At least I got to pick some and enjoyed the beautiful view.
IMG_2925 (1)IMG_2918 (1)IMG_3011 (1)
 This farm belongs to a very friendly  young couple. They make  Lavender oil, bath products, and candles. They even have homemade honey.
IMG_3006 (1)IMG_3038
Love the cute little blooms and the amazing smell.
IMG_3029IMG_2919 (1)IMG_2925 (1)Country sides,roads,farms takes me to my childhood happy memories which makes my heart and soul happppyyyyy!
IMG_2950 (1)IMG_2944 (1)Country rooooads…
Take me hoooomeeee…:)
IMG_2964 (1)The farm is not just for visiting and picking lavender, people can do fishing in the pond, have little picnic, and enjoy the lavender grounds and the mountain view which is quite nice. Lovely day out to a nice country farm.
IMG_2934IMG_2940IMG_2941 (1)IMG_2986
Found cute wild flowers while walking down the farm.
 Somebody is having a great time:)
IMG_2954IMG_2954 (1)IMG_2955
 Another happy life…
IMG_2958 (1)IMG_2958IMG_2960 (1)
 So relaxing and peaceful…
IMG_2929IMG_2930 (1)Bees were busy having their breakfast.
IMG_3013 (1)IMG_2909IMG_3012IMG_3014 (1)
Butterflies too…IMG_3021 (1)IMG_3023 (1)IMG_3009IMG_3024 (1)
 They even had a little bamboo forest.
IMG_2974 IMG_2967 (1) IMG_2972
 We had such a lovely day and  headed back home with a pretty bunch of lavender.
And a cute little girl was running home with a bunch too… That made me so happy. Hope yours too.:)
IMG_2935 (1)
I love road trips, farms, and country life. How about you?
         I hope your day is a wonderful one, and have a great weekend!
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10 Comments on “A Little Bit of Country…

  1. Sooo pretty and relaxing! I love lavender but didn’t even realize they would have a farm :). I haven’t tried to grow it because I remember bees really liking them and me really not liking bees.

    1. Thank you. You should try to visit a lavender farm. Yeah bees love Lavender but I heard they are not harmful if they feel safe. in fact I hard the farm owner said that bees are very friendly. I am glad that you enjoyed the post:)

  2. I love your photos..They look so peaceful. I can almost smell the lavender just by scrolling through the photos. Very nice.

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