Little Brown Hare in My Herb Garden

Rosemary garlic bread
Rosemary garlic oilBrown hare…

I couldn’t capture the brown hare hanging out in my herb garden but I have seen one secretly  sit there and taste my herbs .

My herb garden…

OK I don’t have a lot but Rosemary , parsley, and mint, are…

I love Rosemary and Mint a lot. I put both in almost everything I cook, and in most of my drinks. Sometimes even in my favorite cup of tea. I love the aroma and the flavor comes out of it.

I love to use fresh rosemary to make some Rosemary garlic oil.


Rosemary garlic oil goes well with few fresh lemon drops and warm Rosemary bread.


I just heat some olive oil, 2 cloves of garlic, and few sprigs of Rosemary for few minutes (Just a little heat not boiling heat). Then let it completely cool. Get rid of the garlic cloves, and add some fresh Rosemary into a clean bottle. Pour the infused oil into the bottle and seal. Store in a dark place.

Can keep for a week or so.


So yummy and flavorful.

I thought I would share some pictures from my herb garden. Well, it’s not a huge garden. I wish I had but I am happy with the few plants I have. I am dreaming of a huge herb garden, and few vegetable and fruit plants. One day…

Until then I am going to enjoy these herbs.



Sweet Mint.




I move my rosemary all the time just because I like keep it somewhere I can smell:)

RosemaryI found couple of  scallions sitting in a corner of my herb garden which is great. I stopped buying scallions since I have plenty for cooking.


20160601_000402282_iOSLast year, hubby planted few more herbs for me. Looks like some are returning. Happy to see them again.

few herbsI am thinking of getting a Lemon tree, and a basil plant. I use lemon a lot in my salad dressings. Basil is my favorite herb but I find it’s very hard to keep the plant longer and alive. Will see how that goes.

After the little visit to backyard, I ended up bringing some Rosemary with me, so I thought I will make some bread.

RosemaryIf you visiting me here for a while, you know that I buy Rosemary bread regularly but you probably don’t know that sometimes I like to bake it home too.
So, today I  I baked a bread at home. Let me tell ya, this  bread is so popular in our home. We always run out of it in the middle of the week.

Rosemary garlic bread The smell of baking bread in your own home…Oh my! and it’s a Rosemary and garlic bread. Now you can imagine the smell… Can ya?

 Now, to this I would say.

Happiness is homemade… 

Rosemary garlic breadCan you smell it? I wish I could share a slice with you. I hope at least you got a baking bread mood, or having few herbs. Who doesn’t like a slice of warm fresh Rosemary bread with Rosemary oil,pinch of salt, and few drops of lemon juice.

Brown hare loves herb garden. Good stuff…

I don’t mind sharing the herb garden with the brown hare.

Do you like herbs ? If you like, which herb you like the most?

Enjoy your weekend!


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14 Comments on “Little Brown Hare in My Herb Garden

  1. The bread looks delicious! I love to make bread at home too! I wish I could have a garden here but my flat is too small. My parents have a big garden at home and I miss it so much!

    1. Thank you Ana. Another bread making lover yeyyy! well, let’s hope and wish one day having a herb garden for your own just like your parents’ one. until then we can bring some fresh herbs from the store… I’m sure you miss your parents’ big garden but you will have your own one day, and you will happily picking herbs. 🙂

    1. Thank you. 🙂 Actually most of the plants planted my husband. He does have a green thumb for sure, whatever he plants, it grows well. 🙂 but at the same time I believe if your heart loves something, it’s the secret of having a green thumb. isn’t it? If you love herbs, just go for few plants and see what happens my friend. Thank you for visiting. 🙂

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