Love warms the souls……

bed and breakfast, snack, peek a boo, I love you

It is our love anniversary too.

I would say the very first day of rest of my lovely life. Since then so many things have changed in my life. I got to celebrate it. Don’t i?

Little story behind this day…

My husband and I were in two different countries when he first talked to me over the phone. He got my phone number through one of my cousins, and decided to call me for the first time on February 14th.

Well, he says he did not want to call me on February 14th, so he called me on 13th. ( the time difference made him confuse as he says. ;)) but to me it was 14th morning. He says he forgot that. Did he really? I do not know. 😉

Anyhow being a girl, I like to think he intentionally did call me on 14th. Some girls like to think I guess?. So far, we both are being celebrating for 6 years this day as our valentine\love anniversary. Just spend the day with a little celebration, laughing and making fun of each other remembering the way we talk to each other for the first time.

 Life is all about celebrating, caring, and having fun too not just living and paying bills isn’t it?

  sweet moments…

Berry good morning!

So, it’s the 7 th year here we are celebrating our love together. This time  as a little surprise,  I made little snack before breakfast to start the day with some extra love.♥

strawberries, hearts, grapes, peanut butter pops, flowers

heart shape, strawberry, for baby

little strawberry hearts and peanut butter pops for little one(for my 18 month old son). Grapes and strawberry hearts for us. doggy got a early treat too which I couldn’t capture since he didn’t slow down on it.:)

Well most of the peanut pops too end up in kyle’s (our little doggy)belly. 🙂

Little one likes to share everything with his brother kyle.

So sweet..

It’s one of the coldest weekends so far , so we didn’t want to go out with the little one. we love to stay home with whole family anyway than going out keeping kyle (doggy) alone. Everybody is happier. when home is full of happiness and love, everything is better and sweeter.

            Little peeks …

candy, jar, heart shapes, fairy lights

roses, tea cup, candy

YEY !!!! They loved my handmade cards, and gifts…

valentine, card, mouse, handmade, sweets

my handmade valentine card was husband’s favorite. I’m so glad he liked it.

handmade card, mice, tea cup, candy, macaroons

my son obsessed with the mouse in “The best mouse cookie ” book. I made him a little mouse family too. I found this mouse craft idea, and the cute little envelope idea from this lovely blog.

candy jar,mouse house, couple mouse


handmade card, mouse, envelope

A mouse family is having a tea party…

I thought my son will like having a mouse theme cake since he is all about mice right now, and he loved it.

cake, tea set, tea party, mouse family, love

simple heart-shaped cake covered with red fondant. fondant mice, dog, and tea set.

It’s too cute didn’t want to cut the cake :).

tea pot, cups, cup cakes, cute, dog

tea set, table, cup cake

mama mouse, heart, dress, purple



mama, baby mouse,dog


homemade macaroons…

homemade macarons

It’s not too hard to make these cuties. just need to concentrate what you doing. I’m working on the perfect macaroon recipe with little tips. I’ll  share with you soon.

macarons, candy, tea cup


It was our anniversary, we deserve a little date night. Don’t we?

It was a  relaxing night. Pillows and blankets kept us warm and cozy.fairy light jars made the night little bit more romantic.. We spent  hours having happy talks and sweet cuddles.

vine, fairy lights, date night


we all had such a nice time. Another sweet memory together..

Oh happy day!!!

How was your day?

Write a love letter to somebody to find the breathing of your heart.

Hope you having a lovely week.



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  1. Waw amazing and lovely story ever. I don’t have enough words to express how sweet the words you use and the home made things are the best ???May God give you guys many more years to celebrate ur happiness and enjoying your life together as a happy family ever?❤️??

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