Nameless Simple Pleasures…

thumb_IMG_1458_1024It’s only few more hours to bed time and today’s  been a wonderful day. I sat down to write in my journal before bedtime.I thought I should talk to you as well…

This morning, I got a parcel.

When the  mail man handed over the parcel all the way from my childhood home address, I was little surprised.There’s no specific reason to get a parcel. Love bug’s birthday just passed but he got  presents from his grandma and aunt already.

thumb_IMG_1459_1024It addressed to me but I have nothing special either to celebrate…
I opened the parcel to a sweet gift.

It was a sweet surprise gift from my mom.
Don’t you just love to receive an unexpected gift ?thumb_IMG_1460_1024These wonderful pleasures were inside…thumb_IMG_1463_1024Oh my!
I was thrilled by them…thumb_IMG_1396_1024I love cute animal Pajamas. Specially with bunnies…
Love the little details on them.thumb_IMG_1382_1024Look at that cute little  pockets!thumb_IMG_1415_1024And the cute  collar on the top.thumb_IMG_1422_1024thumb_IMG_1402_1024
How cute!thumb_IMG_1385_1024 thumb_IMG_1389_1024 thumb_IMG_1386_1024Aren’t they cute?

I can’t wait to wear them but I have to be patient.

This is the way she sends her love on my way. (Sending something that  I would surly enjoy and appreciate, and I really do.)

Thank you mom!thumb_IMG_1387_1024

Then I realized that I woke up to this morning wanting macaroons so badly . I couldn’t wait until little love bug goes for a nap.

As soon as he went down for a nap, I was already working.
And then these little cuties got out of my oven…thumb_IMG_1374_1024
I wish they stayed  little longer in the oven but I ran out of my patience. I just couldn’t wait.
Oh well, they are just fine. Little bit more moist which I like…

Since this happened without a plan, I couldn’t think of a good filling except the  strawberry jam sitting in my fridge.thumb_IMG_1493_1024It worked as good as any other filling although I was dreaming of chocolate ganache…thumb_IMG_1436_1024Well, it is a good excuse for another turn.thumb_IMG_1435_1024I love sweet excuses like this. Don’t you? thumb_IMG_1431_1024 thumb_IMG_1427_1024Wish you were here to indulge this yumminess…thumb_IMG_1454_1024 thumb_IMG_1453_1024If I make something, I usually wait for my hubby.
Nope, it didn’t happen today… thumb_IMG_1452_1024But I was willing to wait after…thumb_IMG_1449_1024Having one…thumb_IMG_1449_1024May be two…thumb_IMG_1455_1024
Or three…thumb_IMG_1446_1024thumb_IMG_1456_1024I knew he doesn’t mind me breaking habits for an innocent pleasure;) thumb_IMG_1457_1024Oh ya,
That was dellliiiiciiios…thumb_IMG_1471_1024I was a happy soul all day long, so I thought ending the day making another soul happy.

Happiness is being able to make another person happy… Isn’t it?

So, I made my husband’s favorite soup for dinner.

Grilled shrimp Tortilla soup…thumb_IMG_1508_1024
Well, he loves tortilla soup,thumb_IMG_1505_1024Grilled shrimp…

Not so much…

But grilled shrimp goes well with this soup, and somebody else loves grilled shrimp…thumb_IMG_1510_1024That’s me:)

Oh goodness!thumb_IMG_1510_1024I don’t think there’s any better way than this to end the day.

Sweet little things made me so happy today. I adore simple pleasures like this.

now I am going to sit out here, and enjoy a cup of chamomile tea before curl up on my bed.

I hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend!

What made you happy this week, or were you able to make somebody else happy?


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