I Still Believe in Elves,Flying Reindeer, and Sacks full of Toys…

scyplzkqlszioqxwfhisq_thumb_673Don’t you just love this time of the year…
I bet many of you do…
I couldn’t wait the month to begin…
Oh December, I have great expectations for you…
Cold days
Hot chocolate
Cozy blankets
Christmas movies
And more and more….
I am not doing great with the cold weather. I get sick easily but I love snow, gloomy sky, and the cozy feeling of winter…5wwzbldrbewmkhfe7rhfg_thumb_672Now that I am posting once every two weeks, if you didn’t know, I am.

Sorry I didn’t mentioned it properly until now.

So, I have plenty of time to spend quality time with my love bug and Kyle.

Also for Christmas decorating, Christmas baking, and of course for lots of Christmas movie watching with my hubby.
Last week I arouse thinking  where have I put all the Christmas decorations…

After all the usual chores done, me, little love bug and sweet Kyle were very busy looking for Christmas Decor and piling all up in the living room.

It was such a beautiful mess:)
While all the sniffing, grabbing, throwing going on in the living room,( I hope some of you can relate if you got a four legged family member and a toddler) I was hurried to give a little Christmasy vibe to our home…

I do have plenty of inside  decorations but having a two year old and finding best places to decorate is not an easy task. It’s better to be happy with few decorations that safer for him to grab than putting unsafe things around the house. I think I am very happy with it and love bug enjoys them too.

Kyle loves to enjoy from up there  too:)rzrzobemsze9tf91ka8kpw_thumb_65dHere are few pictures of decorations I’ve done around the house for you to enjoy.vmde2q2hqmgck291t4g7aq_thumb_64bMy favorite snow men. Hubby brought me for one Christmas.gl15nromq02gr7a19chbsq_thumb_678
hfrlkyyosoquaz1hh4xrq_thumb_649How cute!


fnzoricytei0xqcuqleqjq_thumb_64aI don’t remember where I bought this snow man family. I tell the love bug that’s mommy, daddy, and him.75twqekutg5ckayzziz3g_thumb_651and I added the other snow man to say that’s kyle:)

Love bug gives me the cutest smile when I say that’s our family.

I love the quote in it.

Isn’t it true? yyvpwjztme4ctkkguxhng_thumb_64e

tgkrhntoqsw4ot323kgwig_thumb_64dI Love his cute  face:)

4wxu4fwbr5stydlsqyszog_thumb_652gmtjdybscyjsn78roieq_thumb_679If you think our tree looks empty… it’s because of the safety of the little love bug. Those glass decorations are very delicate. Didn’t want to leave any silly mistakes and regret later…

I tried to decorate top part of the tree but I thought this is enough for this year. 
3osttttltl2qwridbz03q_thumb_647Oh well, there will a time come that we will be decorating the tree with sweet love bug. I can’t wait to make it a family tradition to decorate the tree.

So for now, this is enough.mwhpsv6shs27jrpfc6g_thumb_653

iw8teztsqjkycqlzn3rtiw_thumb_648Can’t wait to pile up all the gifts under the tree and watch how love bug gets excited seeing them and unwrap them one by one. 6kqvu5cmsdoyiu59wzs0a_thumb_650glleup1ctpm9wseaj1axg_thumb_662

zritdvzhrbm5gwub2omua_thumb_659Stockings are ready to be filled:)

udjhrlcjtv28lgxm5zixww_thumb_65a“K” is for cute Kyle…

I wonder what his secret wish is…

He is in Santa’s nice list for sure:)z4h8q%baqmgtsvqtfjtwq_thumb_656
So does little love bug…

“C” is for me…

Hope Santa heard my wish and my hubby’s too:))unadjustednonraw_thumb_663I clearly do have too many snow men:)

Forgive me if it’s overwhelming…

I do love snow men though:)b0hwgeusgg5ca0akeca3w_thumb_669


pvez0tzyqr2h4n4zd5nbg_thumb_66bExcuse the mess behind the little bird house. When you have a two year old who grabs everything he sees,( I wasn’t tall enough to grab things when I was two) You just try to put things where you assume he can’t reach;)

and you forget to clean that up…

I promise, I am going to clean it up as soon as I finish this.zanj2htrtcofrxtawgwb7w_thumb_664

I know…

Another snow man:)

You might seen this already if you are following my  instagram.

I love the cute buttons and how happy his smile is…

I promise no more snow men even though I still do have few more in my storage:)qlrbvvr8sfmyopbu3yaq_thumb_676Another great decor that I love…

They all made out of glass except that little lamb and mama sheep. That was a gift from my hubby when I was pregnant with little love bug.

Sweet little memory!

t7rhgqkorrsakjy6p1ygma_thumb_667I still have to work on the gift wrapping. I think I need one more visit to “Home Goods”.

Outside decorations all done by hubby which I didn’t take pictures yet. You will probably see them in my Instagram or Facebook. 

Are you done decorating?

Hope you enjoyed mine…

Looking forward to Christmas, possibly a white one:)

What expectations do you have for the month of December?

Have a warm and cozy weekend!

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22 Comments on “I Still Believe in Elves,Flying Reindeer, and Sacks full of Toys…

  1. I am a huge fan of Christmas too and still believe! You’ve done a wonderful job decorating! Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you so much Ivonne. It’s all about believing that makes you happy and let you enjoy the moment. I am glad that you are one of them 🙂 Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. I LOVE all of your decor. The snowmen are my favorite. My husband and I decorated the day before Thanksgiving (we like to maximize the amount of time we get to keep them up). We also got a giant tree this year for our son to enjoy. Something about Christmas lights that just make you happy. :O)

    1. Thank you so much! I am glad to hear you decorate so early. I agree I love keeping them as long as I can too. I hope your son loves the tree and decorated it already. So true, Christmas tree makes you happy and feel so festive 🙂

  3. Your decorations are very lovely. I like the Nativity ornaments and snowmen. We will put up our Christmas tree the week of Christmas, once Advent ends. My kids are so excited for Christmas. I just love this time of year! As for a white Christmas, we got A LOT of snow today. We’re expected to have up to 12 inches by tomorrow! So I wonder if it will snow again on Christmas. I really hope so because I love snow on Christmas. Merry Christmas to you!

  4. This is my favorite time of the year. Unfortunately we are moving on Thursday. Second time we are moving in 4 months thanks to the military, so no christmas decor at least for another week. waah. Your home is lovely!

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