The Little Things, The Little Moments… They aren’t so Little…

An Anniversary and a Mother’s Day Memories…

May is my favorite month for so many reasons but nothing beats the fact that this is the month I got married to my wonderful husband. My wedding  anniversary is on May 6th, and May 8th is Mother’s Day, So around this time I always get so busy. This time it got extra busier since my husband’s mother was visiting on the same time period . I just wanted to do everything before she arrives, and surprise both my husband and his mom with little surprises just to make them feel little extra special. After planning and working some extra sleepless nights, I managed to accomplish my mission, so today I thought why not share some little memories from both special days with you.

 Happy 6th Year…
I love to bake and decorate cakes, so this time I went for a simple cake with a fondant couple. This was the first time I made a scooter bike. I like how it came out.
 My husband loved it. He couldn’t imagine I did it without even leaving a tiny clue that I was making a cake until the day. success.;)
Here is the anniversary card I made for my husband. both rabbits hand sewn with basic stitch patterns.
IMG_8378I used everything I already had to make this cute card. If you are looking for cheap but cute way to make a card for someone, this is the proof. You can do it. Way better than spending bunch of money. Here’s one of my tutorial to get an idea to make a cute handmade card.
I made a little music video movie with all our pictures in it and  gave him couple of little store bought gifts as well.My husband loved everything specially the cake,the handmade card, and the video.
Love is …
Someone is  being thoughtful…
My husband knows how much I love collecting pretty cups, so he got me this cute tea cup. I love it so much.
This cutting board (I needed a quality one so badly) and little beauty bits too. Both gifts were a bit expensive but it’s totally worth and will last for ages, so I am very pleased and grateful.
It was simply a perfect day. I am looking forward to spend another beautiful year with my lover, best friend and my whole world.

May is for Mother’s Day…

This was my second Mother’s day, and my mother-in-law was in town too. Before she arrives, I made sure to finish everything I was planning, and  saved time to spend with her. This is what I came up with as a little surprise for her.

Little table, Tulip flower bouquet with mom tag on, cute tea pot and tea cup are perfect for someone to feel special. Isn’t it?
My mother-in-law likes Perl jewelries, so I thought making a little jewelry box with a Perl necklace in it would be a cute idea.
It feels more personal too. I think it turned out well. I am quiet happy with it.
My husband had no idea what I was planning but I made him to buy an actual Perl necklace as a gift to give his mom to go with this theme (I totally forgot to take pictures with her gifts since they were given while we were having a picnic later on that day).
 It was My Second Mother’s Day…

My husband was so thoughtful. He noticed that I didn’t have a purse(a nice one), so my husband got me this cute purse for me which I am in love with.

 He knows that I love cute mugs and cups, so he got me this cute cup too. I love it.
 I love simple gifts like this. They will remind me this special day, and all the memories whenever I use them.
 We spent the day having a little picnic in a nice relaxing place little further from where we live. That way whole family could enjoy the day including Kyle. We always try to find a way to enjoy the moment, and there was nothing better than spending time together with the people we love.
Oh, It was another happy day.
Nothing makes me happier seeing my son and Kyle having a good time. They enjoyed to the fullest that at the end of the day they both fast asleep until next day 11 a.m in the morning:)
A happy ending to two beautiful and extra extra special days…
 You know you are that special woman if you are a mother , step mother ,  grandma, aunt, pet mom, or a woman who care and love unconditionally to people in your life. I hope each one of you had a lovely day on Mother’s day.
How did you enjoy the day?
What is your favorite month and why?
Have a wonderful weekend to you!
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38 Comments on “The Little Things, The Little Moments… They aren’t so Little…

  1. Those cakes are super cute! Plus, glad that I’ve found someone else who loves collecting pretty cups – I love collecting mugs for some reason and I felt a little weird until now haha!

  2. It sounds like you had two extra special days! I love the anniversary cake you made and am so impressed with the cute little scooter bike detail. It looks amazing! It sounds like you’re having a great May. – Trish

    1. Thank you Trish. Yes I had a great time. I am glad you enjoyed the visit here in my little blog. My husband’s birthday is on May too, so yeah I am having the best time on May. Hope you having a great time too. 🙂

  3. Happy Anniversary to you Chaza! You are one busy lady! I just love the cake- it is really adorable! I spent the day with my Mother-in-law and brother-in-law. My hubby cooked delicious steaks for all and we had mimosas all around 🙂 My son is away at school but he texted me and sent a card, so that was really nice.

    1. Aww you are so sweet. Thank you Lisa. I am glad you had a good time too with your loved ones. that is so sweet of your husband to cook for you all. That’s nice of your son to text you and send a card. That shows how special you are to him. Bless your family and take care you all.:)

  4. You are so creative! I loved the little cakes you made and the idea for the homemade card! Looks like you have a loving family and husband who knows you very well! Happy Mother’s Day and Anniversary!! 🙂

  5. Happy belated anniversary! Our 6 year anniversary was on the 8th of this month, so ours are pretty close!

    And you are so right. The little moments aren’t little at all. Looking back, they are some of my fondest and most cherished memories.

    1. Happy belated anniversary to you both too! We both having 6th anniversaries on pretty close days same month. How cool is that? Thank you for visiting here. May your bond last forever…:)

  6. I just got one of the combo wristlet/body purses myself. So convenient with a toddler. You’re really talented with fondant.

  7. Love the thoughtful gifts, looks like you made everything with love (handmade gifts are the best!) Glad you enjoyed your favorite month so far, keep the good times going… PS: I would love to eat those cute cakes, YUM : )

    1. Thank you so much Eloise. You are right, I did everything with so much love in my heart. Nothing comes right if there’s no love or if I am not happy. I would love to share cakes with you if I could.:) I still couldn’t finish them :)) have a great weekend friend!

  8. First, those crafts are so adorable! The gifts you gave and receive reflect your thoughtfulness. Your love for one another jumps off the page and I really enjoyed reading this 🙂

  9. The cake is SO adorable! You are seriously talented! I also have a thing for mugs. I use a different style each day depending on my mood – maybe that sounds weird? haha My husband is the opposite though. He gripes every time he notices I’ve bought a new one. We were also married in May and it is also my second year celebrating Mother’s Day! Happy Anniversary and Happy Mother’s day!

    1. Thank you Kristyn. Same here, I totally gets you. I used the mugs depend on my mood too. 🙂 I love meeting people who has a weird side. They are just awesome people.Men sometimes don’t get some of the stuff women do.:) I love meeting new friends who can relate. Happy wedding anniversary and belated 2nd Mother’s Day to you! 🙂

  10. I’m not a mom yet however I did get her (my mom) a nice gift from Hallmark. Hope yours was a lovely one as well ^_^

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