Turkey Sloppy Joes and Something Happy…

thumb_FullSizeRender 14_1024I had a good week so far. I spent most of the time doing nothing with my love bug and Kyle. Well, I cooked,cleaned the house, and did usual things but I did save extra time to spend with the two. I  also spent some time to catch up with my favorite cooking shows because I always wakeup  thinking about food. I love good food. Who doesn’t? Every week I try to make something special to make the day little extra special. Mostly it’s going to be dinner since everybody gather around the table at night. Today I made sloppy joes for dinner. I thought I should share the recipe with you. 

before I do that though I want to show you what made me so happy this week.

Here it is…
 I have two more basil plants on the way…
While I was prunning my basil plant last week, I took two of the cuttings, and put into this bottle with water. I was surprised to see the roots after three days.
Love seeing the roots getting longer day by day.
 Try it if you want more plants from your herbs. I have tried it with Rosemary and basil. It worked well. I can’t wait to plant them and keep in my kitchen:) I am working on two more things.
I will let you know if that goes well but you have to wait. 
 Here’s the recipe for Turkey sloppy joes…
Turkey sloppy joes
1 pound ground turkey
1 can of tomato
1 diced onion
Half of red diced bell pepper
half of green bell pepper
1/4 cup water
1 table spoon of tomato paste
6 white rolls with sesame seeds
any cheese you like
  1. Cook the turkey in a skillet until the turkey well cooked, stirring frequently to separate meat. keep the cooked Turkey aside.
  2. Then add the diced onions, red bel paper and green bel paper into the skillet. Cook them a minute or so.
  3. Add the can of tomato, tomato paste, cooked turkey, and water to the skillet. Cook and stir until the mixture is hot and bubbling.
  4. Once the mixture is ready, spoon the mixture on to the bun and sprinkle some cheese on it.
thumb_FullSizeRender 2_1024
I  baked  some potatoes to go with it.
thumb_FullSizeRender 8_1024
 This might look too much to you but after this, I am thinking about some bread and more meat sauce;)
thumb_FullSizeRender 11_1024
Yes, I already taste tested, and fell in love with it!
I don’t feel guilty for having heaps and heaps and heaps of Turkey sauce with a cute bun…
Should I ? 
thumb_FullSizeRender 2_1024
You can use any ground meat with it.
It will be delicious!
thumb_FullSizeRender 7_1024
Here’s the bread just got out of the oven.
Middle of the week we ran out of bread again, so I baked a bread knowing that it won’t be a bad choice.
I have to admit that I’m more excited to eat the turkey mixture with warm bread than with buns…thumb_IMG_1579_1024
The smell of baking bread in the oven took me to some of my childhood memories. There was a bakery next to one of my cousin’s home. The smell of baking bread kept us hungry all the time.
thumb_IMG_1580_1024We used to nibble on bakery goodies on the porch while having chats. It was’t  only warm bakery goodies made us happy,  Just sitting with cousins on the porch, looking at the bakery, and having chats made that moment so special. thumb_IMG_1588_1024
 So,  I took good few minutes to sit back and enjoy the smell. I love it when old memories slowly slip into your head through smells, pictures, and places. Even the weather can do that.  Rainy days make me so happy for so many memories. 
now Hopefully  we can enjoy the evening while curling on the couch to a nice movie…
If I could only keep  my hands out of the bread and sloppy joes!
Have a happy long weekend!
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