Welcome Kisses and Pockets Full of Sweet Memories

I am back…


How are you?

I am fine…
I missed you very much past few weeks. Yes, I had a little rough time but I am glad to be here again…

My lovely husband had to go to emergency hospital, and stayed there for few days due to a serious allergy reaction. It was the first time he was away from us. We missed him so much.

I had nothing to offer you but my sad soul, so  I decided to step away for a short time until I find my happy self.

thumb_IMG_1075_1024I learned a lot from his absence. The most important thing is happiness smells and feels like when he is home, so a big “welcome home”  hug to the beautiful light of our life…

He is fine now. Thank God.

I am so grateful to the neighbors, friends, and family who were there to support us. Even a prayer you sent meant  a lot.

Thank you prayer for you!


And then week after, our little love bug turned two.

As we have planned, had a cute little family celebration. We just wanted to go to his world and be there with him instead of dragging him to our world. His world is so simple, he is not there yet to understand about throwing a big party, having lot of people, and all the things that take our attention away from him.

His world is all about being with his dad, mom,and Kyle, so that was part of his birthday present, and he had the best time:)
He loved birthday toys and the Tee pee his daddy got for him…
thumb_IMG_0681_1024 thumb_IMG_0709_1024
Mommy made him a cake with some of his favorite animals and shapes in it…



He is all about animals and shapes these days. There he had it…



I struggled a bit with the time to make all the animals but it’s  all worth watching his face lightened up by the cake.

Little Kyle is soon to be five too in a few days.

I am already working on it:)


Few more details from the cake…

thumb_IMG_0969_1024His all time favorite… He even talk about cats in his dreams:)

thumb_IMG_1043_1024He sings “Brown bear” song all the time… So cute.

thumb_IMG_0977_1024His very first favorite song and still is “five little monkeys”, and his first toy Giraffe.. thumb_IMG_0976_1024Every single animal I’ve  made has a cute little reason to be in the cake  because somebody so sweet has cute memories with them. thumb_IMG_0975_1024 thumb_IMG_0974_1024

Love bug couldn’t keep his hands out of them… thumb_IMG_0973_1024 thumb_IMG_0972_1024There is nothing wonderful as giving and doing the best you can to make your little boy the happiest…

It was simply a sweet memory that we made out of simple moments.

Little love bug had the best day that he didn’t want to go to bed until mid night. 🙂


Gosh I love him so much…

I wish his heart will read the love we have for him.

I wish him to see love everywhere and the beauty in the free…

I am glad that I shared another beautiful page from our life with you.

I hope you enjoyed.

Who you want the most when you feel alone, sad, or even in your happy moments?

Happy to be back and have a wonderful weekend!


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