Welcome Little Fairies, Bees, and Lady Bugs…

It’s been nice out side, I figured to go outside and take some pictures of the  flowers in my little garden before they end their flowering for the season. Pictures will let me  dream about spring when winter comes:), So I thought you don’t mind seeing some…

Hope you like it.

But before I do that let me show you something exciting…
Remember I told you that you have to wait to see something that I’ve been working.

Actually I was watering…
Here they are.
Some Lemon plants…thumb_img_2340_1024
I put few lemon seeds in to a pot hoping it will show up at least one tiny plant.
And they did!
I’ve been watching and watering the seeds for weeks, and they did not disappoint me…thumb_img_2341_1024

Not only one, I am a owner of 8 lemon plants:))

I don’t know what will happen in winter but for now, they are happy and cozy in there. Hopefully they will survive. If you haven’t try seeding and having your own plants, You should give it a try. Seeing the first leaf and then watching slowly that plant grows up make you so happy.Such a great feeling…thumb_img_2339_1024

Here are the pictures of flowers in my garden that I took one fresh morning…

Feel free to talk to the flowers, they understand!

I do that everyday. They know all of my dreams:)

I am happy to see that roses(my favorite flowers) are still blooming. For the past few months they have grown so well.thumb_img_2323_1024img_0300There are lot of work to be done on the rose bushes. I am still trying to work on them as I get time but I am not there yet to clean up all the flowering done branches. I  promise I am going to clean them all up before the fall ends.img_0299thumb_img_2321_1024We didn’t have any roses when we buy the house. All the plants are planted by me and my hubby. Sometimes we sit out side and enjoy all the effort we have put in here. If you’ve never experience the joy of accomplishing something more than you can imagine, Plant a flower garden. You will thank me later!thumb_img_2310_1024I can’t imagine a home without roses or flowers. I just love step out to beautiful flowers.thumb_img_2316_1024 thumb_img_2308_1024I love the wild bees and the butterflies that comes to our garden. They enjoy the flowers more than me. They love it in here!

I have a little walk every morning to the garden. That’s my friend who I can visit anytime. No bees or butterflies there yet to welcome me but I talk to the flowers and fairies. Feels like such a secret place that I can just be my self!img_0301Some of the plants are done for the season. They will come back with beautiful flowerings next season though.thumb_img_2324_1024Kyle is waiting patiently for my return:)thumb_img_2325_1024Hydrangeas still blooming but they are not the happiest this season. I was expecting more Blooming. Well, next spring they will be.

I hope…img_0297 thumb_img_2312_1024thumb_img_2311_1024We expected blue flowers on them but they changed the plan. They turned pink which I don’t mind.img_0296But one day I am hoping to have one or two blue color Hydrangeas if the soil allow them to be…img_0295I love having white roses too. I still couldn’t find any though. I wonder if we can even find white roses here?thumb_img_2307_1024 thumb_img_2306_1024
Soon all the plants going to dry out and looks empty. Until the, I am going to enjoy my little garden…thumb_img_2320_1024

I hope you enjoy the little tour in my flower garden. If did, I hope you decided to work on your garden in next spring:)

Some people say that your favorite flower symbolize your personality? Do you believe so?
What is your favorite flower?( share, only if you like.) I don’t judge you by a flower:)

I hope you have cooler days and lots of sunshine!


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51 Comments on “Welcome Little Fairies, Bees, and Lady Bugs…

    1. Thank you! It’s little but looks good with flowers. 🙂 I know it’s not the same as being in the garden but I hope you can enjoy having a little spot with your favorite plants in the house makes you happier. 🙂

  1. Your flowers are sooooo gorgeous! I love flowers and plants and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to grow my own but apparently I have a “black ” thumb. My house is the place plants come to die. sniff sniff

  2. Very pretty! The lemon plants will do better if you separate them, so they are not competing with each other. Leave the strongest one in the current pot and gently pull the rest out and relocate to new pots (they would make great gifts if you don’t need that many lemon trees yourself, just put them in a cute pot with a ribbon around it and a cute “lemon tree” tag) 🙂

    1. Thank you so much dear friend! I am so grateful to you for the tips on lemon plants. I am gonna save the strongest one in the same pot and put the rest in separate pots like you said. Great idea about the giving as gifts. Love the idea of decorating it as a gift. Such a cute idea, Thank you so much!:)

  3. Beautiful flowers! My mom has a rose garden in her backyard and it is so beautiful. I wish I was good at gardening. I have tried this past summer and failed miserably at it.

    1. Wow! I bet your mom’s garden is gorgeous. Well, sometimes that happens but don’t give up. Maybe your pretty mom could help you to have one just like her’s if she has time 🙂

      1. You’re right– I shouldn’t give up on gardening. I just bought some flowers and they’re not doing so hot. Lol But I’ll keep trying. Thank you!

  4. Your garden is such a beauty, I see various flowers here and thy all are healhy. You tend well to nature which is good.

  5. I love hydrangeas! They are one of my favorite flowers! I love how they look freshly bloomed and that I can cut the blooms and dry them and they still look fantastic!

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